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About TekiToolBox

09/28/0016 12:00 AM

TekiToolBox is a suite of over 50 professional web development tools that have been designed to be super easy to use without any technical knowledge. Each tool has its own specific function. The tools tend to be either 'checkers' (i.e. they check functions or attributes of a webpage/site) or they are 'generators' in that they generate something required by a website (e.g. robots.txt file or a sitemap).

If you are unsure about any tool or what it does, run a web review report on a domain and you'll see explanations against every item listed in the report. In addition, we have included videos on the 'Tutorials' page (see top navigation menu).

Finally, if you need help or have a query, please either contact our support using the contact form or we have a dedicated support desk